Bnei Akiva Dictionary

Hebrew Transliteration Literal translation Description
שבט Shevet Tribe Each age group receives a name in 9th grade that remains their group name forever.
סניף Snif Branch A local branch location within a larger community.
מדריך Madrich Guide A counselor of Bnei Akiva.
חניך Chanich Pupil/Camper A Bnei Akiva member.
הכשרה Hachshara Preparation High school graduates often take a gap year in Israel before college.
שליח Shaliach Emissary Bnei Akiva sends Shlichim from Israel to its branches all over the world. The idea is to teach Hebrew, encourage aliya and Judaism. Shlichim can be bachelors after army service or families.
Hanhaga Leadership Council  Youth leadership team, made up of high school youth.
Manhigut  Leadership  Initial leadership training program for 9th and 10th grade students.
V’Za’Ch 6th-8th graders
Chevraya Alef Chevraya Bet 3rd-5th graders & 9th-12th graders