Bnei Akiva of Los Angeles, inspires and empowers Jewish Youth with a deep commitment to our people, Am Yisrael; our land, Eretz Yisrael; and our Torah, Torat Yisrael through a wide variety of informal educational and social programs. Included in our calendar of programs are:

Shabbat Afternoon SNIF Program

Bnei Akiva youth meet regularly in each of the local snifim (branches) on Shabbat afternoons. High school counselors plan and run exciting and fun-filled programs for the Chevraya Alef (3rd-5th graders) and Chevraya V’Za’Ch (6th – 8th graders) youth that infuse them with the values of Torah, Shabbat, Israel, and fun.

I2 – Israel & Ice Cream

Chevraya Bet (9th –10th grades) meet weekly at a local ice cream shop to participate in informal discussions that expand and strengthen their understanding of being committed to Israel. Various local and guest speakers facilitate these discussions and the youth enjoy a night out together.

Seminar Madrichim – Hadracha

Regular meetings with the youth counseling staff and leadership team aim to create and develop activities and programming for the Chanichim. A top priority of this Bnei Akiva program is theCounselor Training Program. Thorough leadership curricula build and strengthen our counselors and youth leadership team at a variety of seminars, Shabbatonim and other theoretical and practical experiences.

Shabbatonim (Full weekend Programs)

The Bnei Akiva year is highlighted by local, regional, and national Shabbatonim. Social, religious and educational activities invigorate the youth at these grade-appropriate retreats which are packed with learning, friends, and that unbeatable, unforgettable Bnei Akiva Shabbat Ruach!

Manhigut (Leadership) Fellowship Program

A yearly Program for 9thand 10th grade students was developed by Bnei Akiva of Los Angeles. The course focuses on a variety of important leadership skills including: Public Speaking, Personal Leadership, Israel Advocacy, Activism, Chesed, Tolerance, Zionism, Team building, and Planning and executing programs for all ages. The idea behind the fellowship is to transition the participants from being Chanichim to leaders by teaching them concrete skills to become leaders in the community within Bnei Akiva and beyond.

Mother-Daughter Bat Mitzvah Program

The Bnei Akiva Shlicha facilitates the Matan Bat Mitzvah Program developed in Israel. This is a 10-week program where mothers and daughters in grades 5 and 6 learn about the wonderful qualities of Jewish women throughout history through study of biblical and modern texts, discussion and creative projects.


All age groups participate in regular Chesed programs within our community. Included in these monthly programs are: Chevraya Alef and V’Za’Ch: Baking for the homeless, and Chevraya Bet Shofar Blowing and Lulav Shaking at the local hospitals and for the home bound members of the community.

Teen Kabbalat Shabbat Minyan

This is a monthly teen-led Erev Shabbat Minyan. In order to create a connection within the whole community the Minyan rotates the meeting location among all the local synagogues.


Bnei Akiva 5775 Program Calendar (2014-2015)


3-21- Moshava Malibu

Schach Program


5-7-Kenes Avoda

12-13-City BALA Shabbat

14-Bat Ami Welcome Party

12-Teen Kabbalat Shabbat Minyan

19-20 Shabbaton Hadracha

20- Chevraya Bet Kickoff

24-27 Rosh Hashana

25-Chesed at Cedars (shofar) with NCSY

27-First SNIF Lavi (Tarzana)

27-City Chevraya Bet Oneg Shabbat

27-V’Za’Ch Movie night + Slichot


3-4 Yom Kippur

5-Chevraya Aleph Sukkah Decoration Event


9-Chesed at Cedars (Lulav) with NCSY

11-First SNIF Tirat Zvi (N. Hollywood)

13-Chevraya Bet Simchat Beit Hashoeva–Sukkah party

18-SNIF Lavi

19-Chevraya Alef Kickoff Event (Valley)

24-Teen Kabbalat Shabbat Minyan–SNIF STAFF Shabbat Dinners

25-1stSNIF Shluchot ,SNIF Tirat Zvi

26-Opening SNIF Event

28–Bat Mitzvah Class-1

29-First I2

31-Shabbat Aliyah, Chevraya Bet Oneg Shabbat, SNIF Lavi Community Shabbat


1-,SNIF Lavi, SNIF Shluchot

2-Manhigut Opening Session

4-Bat Mitzvah Class-2

8-SNIF Shluchot, SNIF Tirat Zvi

11-Bat Mitzvah Class-3

15- SNIF Shluchot, SNIF Lavi

18- Bat Mitzvah Class-4

21-22– 9th Grade Shabbat Irgun

23- Manhigut #2

25- Bat Mitzvah Class-5


2-Bat Mitzvah Class-6

5-6 V’Za’Ch Shabbaton

6- SNIF Shluchot, SNIF Lavi

9- Bat Mitzvah Class-7

12– Teen Kabbalat Shabbat Minyan

13-SNIF Shluchot, SNIF Tirat Zvi

14-Manhigut #3

18-Community Chanukah Party in Tarzana

19-20-Chevraya Bet Shabbaton

23 or 24- Chesed Events

30- Bat Mitzvah Class-8


1-Asara BeTevet- Chevraya Bet Break-Fast & Speaker

6– Bat Mitzvah Class-9

3- SNIF Lavi

9-10 Shabbaton Manhigut (Finals?)

10– SNIF Shluchot

13– Bat Mitzvah Class-10-Final Session

17 SNIF Shluchot, SNIF Tirat Tzvi

24-SNIF Lavi

30– Teen Kabbalat Shabbat Minyan

31-SNIF Shluchot, SNIF Tirat Zvi


1-Manhigut #4

4-Tu B’Shevat – Family Seders (City & Valley)

19– Chesed Event-Valley

19-Chevraya Alef Hafrashat Challa Workshop

20-21–Shabbaton Chevraya Alef

21-SNIF Lavi

22- Manhigut #5

27– Teen Kabbalat Shabbat Minyan

28– SNIF Shluchot, SNIF Tirat Zvi


2-Purim Event

4-V’Za’Ch Purim Party

7– SNIF Shluchot, SNIF Lavi

8- Manhigut #6

13– Teen Kabbalat Shabbat Minyan

13-14 Chevraya Bet Shabbaton

14- SNIF Tirat Zvi

21– SNIF Shluchot

29- Manhigut #7



17– Teen Kabbalat Shabbat Minyan

18-SNIF Shluchot, SNIF Lavi

23- Yom HaZikaron/Yom HaAtzmaut Community Event

24-25 Community Yom Ha’Atzmaut Shabbaton

25- SNIF Shluchot, SNIF Tirat Zvi


2– SNIF Shluchot, SNIF Lavi

7-Lag BaOmer Events (City & Valley)

9- SNIF Shluchot, SNIF Tirat Zvi

15– Teen Kabbalat Shabbat Minyan

16- SNIF Shluchot

17-Yom Yerushalayim Event

18– Yom Yerushalayim at YULA Gilrs

23- V’Za’Ch Shavuot Program

29-31-IDP Shabbaton


6– Last SNIF Shluchot

12– Teen Kabbalat Shabbat Minyan

13-Farewell Bat Ami party